School is out and it never takes long for kids to get bored (and drive you crazy) during Summer vacation. The good news is there are many affordable ways to keep your kids entertained and keep yourself from losing it. Whether your kids love to watch movies or read books, you can save lots of money on Summer entertainment for kids!

1. Subscribe to Netflix
If your kids love watching movies and TV shows, Netflix is a must. For around $10 a month, you can keep your kids entertained for hours. It costs $1.50 to rent a DVD from Redbox. It’s easy to see the savings you’ll get by subscribing to Netflix. If you have Amazon Prime, you’re already getting access to thousands of movies and TV shows and may not need a Netflix subscription.

2. Get Kindle Unlimited
Kindle Unlimited
is a must for a family that loves to read. You can have access to thousands of books at up to ten borrows at a time. You can also share the membership with other members of the household. Best of all, if your kids don’t have Kindles, you can get Kindles for $49 now. This allows the entire family to stay well-read without spending a lot of money. Don’t forget about the library! The library is a great place to visit with your kids throughout the summer.

3. Go See Free or Inexpensive Movies
During the summer months, many theaters offer free or inexpensive movie tickets. These movies are for younger kids up to early teens. Go online to your local theaters and see what’s available. Some theaters even offer free popcorn. The movies shown have been released in the theaters previously, but it’s still a great way to enjoy a good movie.

4. Go Camping
Camping is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy some family fun during the Summer. Pack a tent and get away from video games and buzzing cell phones! There are so many fun things you can do in nature for free. Take a nature walk, go fishing or play hide and go seek. Don’t forget to bring the ingredients to make s’mores!

5. Go Bowling
During Summer many bowling centers offer free bowling for kids. Check to see if your local bowling alley participates.

6. Have a Water Fight
Timeless favorite! A pack of water balloons only cost a few dollars but provide hours of entertainment. Fill up squirt guns and declare war!

7. Go Swimming
If you don’t have a swimming pool you can buy a quick set pool for under $100! Quick set pools come with pumps to keep the water clean and fresh all Summer long. You can also check with your local city to see if you have a recreation center with a pool. Memberships fees for recreation centers are usually very inexpensive. Many cities across the country have created free water pads/splash parks for free play.

8. Print Free Coloring Pages
If your kids love to color, you can print thousands of coloring pages online for free. One of the best sites is Crayola. You’ll find coloring pages for every age range, even toddlers and adults. There are also several categories to choose from.

9. Run a Lemonade Stand
Make lemonade from scratch or whip up a batch of Country Time and sell cups of this cold refreshment on the corner! This is a great way to teach children about the importance of earning money and the value of a hard days work.

10. Check Your Local Paper for Free Events
Last, but not least, check your local paper for free events happening in your area. It might be an outdoor concert, parade or even a special event just for kids. You can also check your chamber of commerce for a list of events happening throughout the summer.



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