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Meet Linda

Linda lives in sunny Florida. She’s a mother of 3 girls & 4 boys! Linda loves Madonna, music and the color pink. When she’s not blogging, she enjoys rollerblading and watching the ID channel.

Linda owns and operates a frugal/deal blog called We Love Couponing. She also shares the ownership of an online deals webpage called We Love Frugal Finds.


jaxpictureMeet Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn lives on the West Coast of Florida. She’s a wife, mother of a 4 year old boy and stepmother to a 9 year old boy. Jacquelyn loves big floppy hats, peach tea, Halloween and Johnny Cash. When she’s not blogging, she enjoys baking muffins and reading.

Jacquelyn owns and operates a frugal/deal blog called Mommy Saves Money.


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