The Easter Bunny is coming soon and he may just leave a little more than just Easter baskets behind. This Bunny Poop Easter Bag Topper is so much fun for kids! I don’t know when poop became a fun thing, but it is ??‍♀️

These Easter bag toppers would make great Easter party favors, could be handed out to classmates or can be added to your child’s Easter basket. It’s super easy to put together too!

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To put this treat topper together, you’ll need a few supplies.


Build Your Treat Bags

To put your Bunny Poop Easter Bag Toppers together, print the toppers and cut them out. I used scissors. I usually don’t cut very straight but it’s pretty easy when you’re dealing with card stock. If you feel uncomfortable using scissors, you can use a paper trimmer, instead.

Next, fold the bag toppers in half. I do this by matching up the top corners with the bottom corners and then pressing down on the center of the topper. You can also use a ruler if it makes it easier for you. Your bag toppers are now ready to attach to your treat bags.

Get your treat bags ready…
Fill the Ziplock sandwich bags with the yummy Mini Marshmallows, then attach the toppers to the sandwich bags with your stapler. To get the staples on straight, place the bag topper on a flat surface, place the filled sandwich bag in the center and hold the edge of the topper tight with one hand, while you slide in your stapler with the other. Staple the bag topper once on each side of the bottom edges.

Now Let’s Print!

To get this free printable Easter Bag Topper, click on the download button below. There are 2 bag toppers on an 8.5 x 11 PDF page. Feel free to print as many as you’d like and enjoy! 🙂

Happy Easter! ?

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