Here’s the other set of (free printable) Halloween candy wrappers I promised ya! Isn’t this little ghost the cutest?! Hope you enjoy these as well!

In case you didn’t see the (just as cute) “bat” Halloween candy wrappers, you can grab those HERE.


These are perfect to give out to classmates & friends!


These Halloween candy wrappers are for Hershey’s chocolate bars, size: 1.55 oz (43 g). That’s the regular size candy bar.

To grab this freebie, simply click on the download button below. Save the high resolution PDF files (2 files with 2 wrapper designs on each) to your computer. So that you don’t misplace them, I suggest saving to your desktop or to your downloads folder.

Printing Tip: If you want to know what the best kind of paper to use for your candy bar wrappers is, I recommend using the Hammermill 32-lb premium color copy paper. You can use this paper with both inkjet and laser printers.

Also, find Hammermill paper products in-store at Walmart and Staples. If you can’t find the color copy paper, Hammermill 32-lb presentation paper or glossy paper will work just as good. Just make sure that the paper works with the kind of printer you own.

How to wrap your chocolate bars:



  1. Print your candy wrappers (there are 2 on each page).
  2. Grab your scissors or trimmer and cut the wrappers out.
  3. Place the center of the wrapper on the front center of the candy bar and find the perfect position.
  4. Add a strip of tape to the center of the candy bar and stick the center of the wrapper on the candy bar
  5. Flip your candy bar (with attached wrapper) over, then fold the top and bottom flaps of the wrapper over the back of the candy bar, and press to create your folds.
  6. Open the flaps back up to add tape to the edge of the bottom flap, and fold over again.
  7. Then add tape to the edge of the top flap, fold and pull over, tightly. We want the wrapper to fit nice and snug.

That’s it! It sounds way more difficult than it is, trust me. If you’re having a party (and you’re not anal, like me), you can have your kids help you wrap.

If you grab these printables, leave me a comment with your feedback. I’d love to know how they turned out and what you used them for.

Click below to download… 

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!

Important Information:
All designs are property of Fun For Little Ones and are for your personal use only. May not be sold or redistributed.

Bloggers: You may share a link to this post but you may NOT link directly to the printable file.


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