This Quilled Tulips Spring Craft is so colorful and fun, and just perfect to make for the Spring season. Make your own flowers with ease with the step by step instructions below!

Spring is here and the flowers are starting to bloom but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own too! Instead of going out to see the flowers, have some fun with this indoor flower craft.

Kids who love to craft will love making these beautiful quilled tulips!

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Quilled Tulips Spring Craft
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Supplies needed for your Spring craft

  • Paper quilling strips
  • Slotted quilling tool
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Green craft paper or cardstock paper

quilled tulip craft

Putting Together Your Tulips

  • Step -1:

Select your favorite colorful quilling strips for this project. Grab 2 strips of 12cm length and 1 strip of 6cm length. Use the slotted quilling tool to coil the strips and then allow the coiled strips to loosen up a bit. Press any one side of the loose coils to make teardrop shapes. Apply glue on the open end to secure the shapes.

quilled tulip craft

  • Step -2:

Stick the 2 big teardrop shapes side by side, on their side curved parts and keeping the pointy sides slightly facing opposite to one another.

  • Step – 3:

Now stick the small teardrop in the middle of the big ones.

quilled tulip craft

  • Step – 4:

Grab a green colored quilling strip and make a loose coil with it.

  • Step – 5:

Press the green coiled strip on 2 opposite sides to create a thin leaf (slug) shape. This is the leaf of the tulip.

  • Step – 6:

Cut out a thin strip from green colored cardstock paper to make the stem of the flower. Check if all items are ready.

  • Step – 7:

Stick the quilled tulip on the top end of the stem cut out.

  • Step – 8:

Stick the 2 leaf cutouts near the bottom side of the stem.

  • Step – 9:

Use scissors to trim the bottom side of the stem by matching it with the bottom sides of the quilled leaves attached with it.

And now you’re all done! Aren’t these the cutest?

Quilled Tulips Spring Craft for Kids - Fun for Little Ones

Grab different colored quilling strips and make a bunch of flowers! I hope you have a ton of fun making this quilled tulips Spring craft with your child! 



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