If you’re looking for some amazing Spring books for kids to read, this list will be your new best friend. Every title on this list is perfect for Spring!

Every time a new season rolls around, it’s time to start thinking of new books to read to celebrate the change in the weather. With there being 4 varying seasons all year long, you can rest easy knowing that there are always going to be new books and titles to explore.

If you’re on the hunt for some great Spring book options for your child, look no further than these Spring titles!

15 Spring Books for Kids

If you’re looking for just the titles, here they are! (Scroll down a little bit further and you can get a quick bit of information about each book as well!)

  1. And Then It Is Spring
  2. Planting a Rainbow
  3. Worm Weather
  4. Welcome Back Spring
  5. Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo
  6. A Walk Through The Woods
  7. When Spring Comes
  8. One Hundred Eggs for Henrietta
  9. Frozen: Welcome Spring
  10. Spring is Here Grumpy Bunny
  11. Abracadabra It’s Spring
  12. Snow Bunny, Spring Bunny A Book of Changing Seasons
  13. Goodbye Winter! Hello Spring!
  14. My Spring Robin
  15. I See Spring

Book titles with descriptions

And Then It Is Spring
After a long winter filled with snow, a boy and his dog declare that it is time for spring and set out to plant a garden. Join them as they wait hopefully for the signs of spring that they long for.

Planting a Rainbow
Learn about planting seeds and bulbs, which will turn into a rainbow of color as spring arrives.

Worm Weather
Join two children as they delight in the rainy weather and make a friend who loves the spring rain as much as they do!

Welcome Back Spring
Join a sweet butterfly as she welcomes back the wonderful animals and plants that return in the spring.

Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo
Dr. Seuss wrote this fun book under a pen name. In the story a little bug sneezes and sets of a chain of comical events that is true to Seuss style.

A Walk Through The Woods
In this visually stunning book, take an early morning walk in the woods to meet a lot of furry friends who are eager for spring to arrive.

When Spring Comes
In this story explore the lovely transformation the changing of seasons brings. From shrinking snow piles to mud puddles and spring flowers in bloom.

One Hundred Eggs for Henrietta
In this spring story a chicken needs 100 eggs for an Easter egg hunt. Join Henrietta as she finds a way to collect enough eggs with the help of her farm friends.

Frozen: Welcome Spring
Have you ever wondered how Elsa and Olaf celebrate spring? Find out in this story which includes so many fun stickers!

Spring is Here Grumpy Bunny
A fussy little bunny takes an adventure with a friend in this charming spring story.

Abracadabra It’s Spring
As the snow disappears and spring arrives an exciting world awaits your discovery. This lyrical book shares some of the magic of spring with stunning illustrations.

Snow Bunny, Spring Bunny A Book of Changing Seasons
In this charming book learn how animals prepare for winter and how they survive until spring.

Goodbye Winter! Hello Spring!
If your child is excited for spring days outside playing, this book will be a perfect read to say goodbye to winter and give spring a warm welcome!

My Spring Robin
Join a young girl as she explores her yard in spring in search of a lovely robin who sang to her last spring.

I See Spring
This book has beautiful illustrations and highlights some of the best parts of spring for children. From puddles to bugs to flowers, kids are bound to be excited to read this book then head out to explore the spring wonders!

And there you have it! Plenty of amazing Spring book options that your child is certain to love! Make it a family bonding moment by sitting down and reading with them!


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